~ The Story So Far ~

We are Alexandra & Gerald, artist meets geek, colors colliding with codes. Our story begins in 2008 with a chance encounter and a long conversation soon followed by the decision to move to NYC and start a life together.
The rhythm of New York City, a coffee on the way to the subway, a meeting for lunch, a gallery stroll through Chelsea, a yoga mat tucked under arm heading to the yoga studio, drinks downtown with friends in the evening and many similar occasions made carrying a heavy shopper or rearranging and switching handbags a tedious effort. Instead Alexandra started to squash her iPhone, lipstick and keys into her wallet and was, equipped with all essentials, ready to go.
After a long fruitless search for a more elegant alternative, that one bag that adjusts to every occasion, Alexandra drew the first draft of the perfect bag - the NYBER Purse
While our professional paths could not have been more different, we both shared the urge to create something new. Excited about creatively working together we moved back to Europe. As newcomers in the world of leather we rolled up our sleeves eager to learn as much as possible about craftsmanship and material. With focus on clear, soft shapes and quality materials we have honed in on every detail, until aesthetic and functionality formed a unity.
We instantly fell in love from the first time we held the first real Nyber Purse in our hands. Compact, lightweight, functional and versatile without sacrificing style and chic, Nyber is a true multi-talent, a lifestyle companion and an absolute favorite piece that accompanies Alexandra throughout her daily life and around the world.
~ Our Name ~

Knospe is the German word for bud. A bud, just like our bag creations, envelopes and protects its delicate and valuable content. It symbolizes spring, new beginnings and a fresh start. Beyond that, being her familyname Knospe has already accompanied Alexandra her entire life. As the origin of many nicknames and funny incidents, Knospe has become an important part of her personality and identity.

As a word creation "Nyber" combines two cities, that play an important role in our lives: NY - New York, where our life together began and BER - Berlin, where we joined our professional forces.