How to travel light and in style?
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Pack smart & Look fabulous!
Can't decide which handbag to bring with your outfits?
Knospe handbags feature interchangeable sleeves that adapt to your look!
Designed to lay flat when not in use, sleeves are ideal to economize the space in your suitcase. Simply pack a variety of sleeves to create many styles with just one bag.
Bye bye handbag dive!
Tired of schlepping around a heavy shopper that makes it hard to find stuff?
Despite its handy size, a Knospe handbag is real space saver. The wallet-like interior is designed to safely store all your important necessities including your passport and frequent traveller cards!
Its small size allows it to easily fit into a carry-on when travelling, keeping all your essentials in one place and protecting your phone from scratches.
Keep your bag safe
and your hands free.
Annoyed of having to constantly look after your handbag?
With its flexible straps, Knospe handbags keep your hands free throughout your trip and the all around zipper protects your valuable items from falling out or pickpockets.
Look your best while traveling,
get your Knospe today!