Inspired by the many facets of everyday life in the bustling cities of our time, Nyber Purse is as versatile as no other elegant leather handbag. The compact & convertible mini bag is a wallet, purse or clutch all in one piece and always keeps all your important essentials at hand. Our exclusive interchangeable sleeves add a special twist and allow to easily and quickly adapt the look to any outfit or any fashion mood, all without bothering to tediously transfer all your stuff between different bags.
~ 3 bags in 1 ~

As a wallet in a big shopper, Nyber Purse keeps all your important necessities in one place making them easy to find and at the same time protects your phone from scratches.

Used as a small handbag with it’s flexible strap, Nyber Purse keeps your hands free in everyday life, making it an ideal companion for shopping, running errands or meeting the girls for lunch. The length of the adjustable strap is perfect to carry the Nyber both over your shoulder or across the body.

If it gets glamorous at night, Nyber transforms itself as a stylish clutch, matching any outfit and any occasion, all while it protects its delicate contents.

By combining high quality materials and custom manufactured hardware, Nyber Purse radiates understated elegance and looks of a timeless classic.
~ Space saver, Mini is the new Big ~

Despite its handy size, Nyber Purse is a real space saver. The interior is designed to organize and safely store all your important necessities like credit cards, bills, coins, driving license, lipstick, keys as well as your smartphone including all models of iPhone and Android smart phones up to 5 inch screen size. Frequent travellers will also appreciate the fact that Nyber even accommodates your passport to make sure you always travel in style.
~ Change your look in a heartbeat! ~

A special twist are our exclusive interchangeable sleeves with which your Nyber Purse can quickly and individually change its look and perfectly adapt to any outfit or fashion mood.

An innovative invisible magnetic closure allows for easy opening and secure closing. Retaining straps make it effortless to replace your sleeve.

All our sleeves are designed from high-quality leather and feature double-sided designs that allow them to be used both ways. This way, it is easy to create new looks, all without having to move your belongings from one bag to another.

Each sleeve model is offered as a limited edition and is only available for a short period of time.
Its handy size, well thought out interior and design, high quality materials and interchangeable sleeves make Nyber Purse an elegant but also functional companion in every situation and will quickly become a favorite piece.