NYBER Sleeve<br> Marrone Crumple! Sleeve 2. LookClick to view full size image
  • NYBER Sleeve<br> Marrone Crumple!
  • NYBER Sleeve<br> Marrone Crumple!

NYBER Sleeve
Marrone Crumple!

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A special dynamic gets the fawn soft goat leather by the irregular crinkle structure. For discreet elegance, the flip side provides soft goat leather in platinum gray.

Dimensions: 14cm (width) x 37cm (height) x 0.5cm (thickness)
Material: 100% genuine leather

Flexible sleeves can be easily attached to the bag by pulling them through the two straps at the back- and bottom side of the bag. Both sleeve ends are then joined together at the frontside of the bag by an invisible magnetic closure.